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In historical Delft, the city of princes, you can find the beautiful five star riding school of the Netherlands ''Manege de Prinsenstad''.
Our business is a nationally certified FNRS Horse riding centre, specialized in dressage, jumping and recreation under supervision. Besides instruction in Dutch and English, and boarding of horses, training and purchase or sale of horses, we offer an extensive program of competitions and events throughout the year.

We strive towards professional coaching with a personal approach and the highest quality in all services we offer. Our facilities are situated in a unique location surrounded by a nature reserve of ''Vereniging Natuurmonumenten'' with adjacent fields, whilst at the same time being easily accessible due to their location on the secondary road of the A13 motorway.
2018 Manege de Prinsenstad
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Familie Duijndam and staff
Zondag 2 sep: opening nieuw wedstrijdseizoen met oefenspringen en relaisspringen